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  • Sunday 21st November special course

    Our training on Sunday 21st November will take place at Haslingden Primary school. We will be hosting sensei Garside who will be giving a special kumite class which will be suitable for all grades and beginners. Session starts at 10am and finishes at 12pm. Please arrive by 9:55am. We welcome all members to attend. The […]

  • Special sunday training

    Sunday 23th February 10am till 12pm will be a special Osae Wasa (joint lock) class with sensei Warburton instead of the normal training session.  The course will cover: demonstrate six unique locks Standing and ground work variations Kata application Understanding anatomy and pressure points Health and safety briefing   We welcome all grades and ages, […]

  • St Annes special session

    We have been invited to attend a special session on Saturday 14th Sept at the St Anne’s on Sea Dojo with sensei Ian Garside 5th dan. If you can make it it should be a good one.  Ian will also be leading the special Bo classes on Sunday 15th Sept at our Haslingden dojo.

  • ICC 2019 Sunday 13th October

    ICC 2019 Sunday 13th October

    Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club’s 8th Interclub Competition is taking place on Sunday the 13th October at the Adrenaline Centre Haslingden, Lancashire and we are confident that this years event will be both our biggest and best one yet! The event has grown year on year which is a reflection of the support it has received […]

  • Special Bo classes

    On Sunday 15th Sept 2019 at Haslingden Primary school we will be hosting special Bo classes with sensei Ian Garside 5th Dan. First session 10am to 11:30am will be basic Bo handling and Kata Shuji No Kon.  YouTube video Second session 11:30am to 1pm will be advanced Bo and Kata Sakagawa No Kon.  YouTube video […]

  • Club competition

    Club competition

    Our internal club competition is being held on Sunday 7th July at the Haslingden Dojo, Haslingden Primary school. Only our club members will be taking part. Competition starts at 10am. We estimate we should be finished by about 2pm. All grades and dojo members are welcome, there will be category suitable for all abilities, age […]

  • AGM 2019

  • 30 Years anniversary

    RSKC celebrates 30th Years since it started in 1984. We are having a special celebration weekend starting on the evening of Friday 23rd May with a party at The Riverside in Whitworth. On Saturday we have a special course hosted by Sensei Andy Sherry in the morning and a special Bunkai class hosted by Sensei […]