Special sunday training

Sunday 23th February 10am till 12pm will be a special Osae Wasa (joint lock) class with sensei Warburton instead of the normal training session. 

The course will cover:

demonstrate six unique locks

Standing and ground work variations

Kata application

Understanding anatomy and pressure points

Health and safety briefing


We welcome all grades and ages, but if you are unable to take part in this class due to injury we will do kata training with you.




Grading Feb 2020

Next grading is on FRIDAY 21st February at Haslingden Primary School. Training is in the normal gym. Doors are open at 6pm, please get there by 6:15pm.

Training with sensei Andy Sherry starts at 6:30pm. Grading to follow on after training at 8:00pm.

Pre-grade classes

Can all those planning to grade bring their license to the pre-grade classes on Tues/Wed/Thurs. I strongly advise that you attend at least two of the pre-grade classes this week. If you fail to attend at least one pre-grade class this week or are unable to present your up to date license you will be unable to grade this time. The grading fee will be £27 this time, this is for training and taking the grade and includes your new belt and kyu grade certificate. For those just taking part in the training its £6 per person, no concessions.


Grading run through

We are running a grading simulation on Tuesday 17th May at Haslingden Primary School. Class starts at 6:30pm. All students should attend this class and treat it as a proper grading.

The aim of this special class is to familiarize new students with the grading process and prepare all students for their next grading opportunity in June.

Grading June 2016

Next grading is on Thursday 23rd June at Haslingden Primary School. Training is in the main sports hall rather than the gym.

Training with sensei Andy Sherry starts at 6:30pm. Grading to follow on after training at 8:00pm.

To prepare you for this grading we are running pre grading classes on the next Sunday and Tuesday sessions.

Grading 10th Feb

Grading will be on Tuesday 10th February at Haslingden Primary School.

Sensei Andy Sherry will be conducting the training and grading.

Training starts at 6:30pm and the grading will start after training at 8pm.

Please make sure you have checked that your licence is up to date and that you have ordered your new belt and certificate and paid your grading fees BEFORE the grading.

Grading 6th November

The next grading with Sensei Andy Sherry is on Thursday 6th November at the Bacup Hub (about 200 yards up the road from the Bacup Dojo). Training starts at 6:30pm, so please ensure you arrive in plenty of time (6pm to 6:15pm). Grading will begin immediately after the training at about 8pm.

Grading July 2014

Biggest grading and a 100% pass rate for the Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club.

Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club (RSKC) hosted, in July, the head of KUGB Sensei Andy Sherry for a special all grades class and grading. This was a very special grading for a few reasons: it was the first grading at RSKC’s new home at Haslingden Primary School, also it was the last grading that Sensei Ian Garside will be attending due to relocation after 30 Years of outstanding service to the club. This was also the biggest grading so far with over 30 members passing their grading with 100% pass rate.

This was a very well attended training session. Parents and families also came to wish Sensei Ian Garside good luck on his retirement and to take part in the group photograph.

A visit from Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) is always a treat for the members of RSKC, the valley’s long established karate club.

Sensei Sherry, the highest graded European instructor in the world and Chairman of the KUGG,is renowned for his high standards when grading. Sensei Garside, Chief Instructor at the Rossendale Club, said “I was extremely pleased with every ones performance. It is a great achievement for both the students and their instructors as all the hard work has paid off”. The club is extremely lucky to have such an eminent figure from the world of karate to regularly visit the club throughout the year for training courses and gradings.


Training commenced with sensei’s warm exercises which were just the start of the excellent session that followed. Sensei’s flexibility was evident as he simply relaxed into box splits what most of the students could only aspire to. Warm up was followed by a gruelling training session which took students through all the requirements of the grading syllabus. As always sensei had interesting combinations in store for the black belts which kept them on their toes whilst testing their mental alertness.


Following an enjoyable training session a 5 minute break was allowed for the members who were taking their grading. There were some mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement for the members who were grading for the first time. They need not have worried since the excellent training at the club had prepared them well and they performed elegantly.

On this occasion, 30 members took the grading and all successfully passed making it yet another grading with 100% pass rate. Two members performed exceptionally well and were double graded, moving straight from white belt to red belt. Sensei Sherry has always commented on top class standard of training at the club and was once again impressed. The students showed good attitude and spirit.

Sensei Ian Garside sends a message to all who graded “Congratulations and very well done to everyone on gaining your new grades an excellent result”.

There are number of families that train at the club. The club promotes this by having special rates for families.


For anybody interested in taking up karate, beginners’ courses are starting now. For details visit the website or connect via Facebook

Grading group pic

Triple Whammy for RSKC


Front L-R, Liam Stone, Fatima Munir, Django Back. Rear Sensei Ian Garside 5th Dan

Fatima Munir, Django Back and Liam Stone made it a triple whammy for Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club, who are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year. Fatima and Django became the latest 1st Dan Black Belts and Liam passed his 2nd Dan. Years of effort and dedication in preparation for their black belt grading were rewarded when they all took their grading at the Black Belt course held at Holywell on the 29th March.

The Grading followed a two hour training session in the morning with two of the UK’s top karate instructors, Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan and Sensei Billy Higgins, 8th Dan of the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain).

The training session involved basic techniques, free fighting and kata (form). Their hard work concluded with their First Dan and Second Dan grading, under the uncompromising eyes of Sensei Andy Sherry, the KUGB’s 9th Dan chief instructor.

RSKC’s Chief Instructor Sensei Ian Garside, 5th Dan, was watching on the day and had nothing but praise for his students:

Everyone performed extremely well, and stood out amongst their peers. I was confident prior to the actual grading as all of them had performed extremely well when they passed the pre-grade I set for them prior to the grading. I was particularly pleased with their fighting as they all showed excellent spirit, even when fighting above their weight, as was the case with young Fatima. Liam had a little revenge, as his fight for his Second Dan grading was a re-match of the final of the North West Open where he came runner up in the Boys’ Kumite. This time there was no doubt as to who was the winner, as Liam out-fought his opponent to clinch his 2nd Dan. They all truly earned their Black belts with all of the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout their training.”

Having achieved their Dan grades, all three have started on their training for the National Championships which take place at the NIA in Birmingham on the 3rd May, when Sensei Garside will also be awarded a 40 years long service membership award from the KUGB.

Anyone wishing to take up karate can go along to any of the sessions in Bacup or Haslingden – contact Sensei Ian Garside on 01706 878795 for details or go to .

Grading report Feb 2014

This is the list of club members who passed their grading on Thursday 27th Feb with sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan.

Title FirstName LastName Belt

Master Lawrence Vidler Orange

Master Alex Regan Orange

Master Luke Ashworth Orange

Mrs Angela Regan Orange

Master Elliott Shuttleworth Yellow

Master Ethan Fawcett Yellow

Master Elliott Vidler Yellow

Master James Tonge Yellow

Master Sudias Khan Yellow

Mr Stephen Vidler Yellow

Mr Mark Sanderson Green

Mr Tony Harwood Purple & White

Mrs Christine Bussy Purple & White

Miss Sophie Radcliffe Purple & White

Master Zaidhan Khan Brown & White

Master Ruhul Rahman Brown & White

Mr Anthony Watson Brown & White

Letter to members

9 November 2013

Dear Members & Parents

Grading Date

Firstly, the next grading will held on Thursday 27th February 2014.

As some of you will be aware, the KUGB rules for anyone taking a grading are that to qualify members must have trained on average twice per week in a 3 month period or a minimum of 24 training sessions.

Grading Criteria

At RSKC we hold gradings every 17 weeks because we allow for holidays etc., therefore we have the following criteria:-

  1. Anyone wishing to grade up to and including 3rd Kyu must have trained at least 24 sessions in any 17 week period between gradings or at least 34 sessions in any 34 week period.

  2. Anyone wishing to grade between 3rd Kyu and including 1st Kyu must have trained at least 24 sessions, 12 of which must be Brown and Black Belt sessions, in any 17 week period between gradings, or at least 34 sessions, 24 of which must be Brown And Black Belt sessions, in any 34 week period.

  3. Anyone wishing to take a Dan grade must have trained at least 40 sessions, 20 of which must be Brown and Black Belt sessions in the 6 month (26 weeks) period prior to grading.

Note:- All karate courses, e.g. KUGB Brown And Black Belt courses attended and competitions entered will count towards your grading requirements.

To assist members and parents to keep track of attendances we have created a membership card which will be issued to every member, on which they must get each attendance initialled by the instructor.


Also we have taken note of concerns raised by a number of parents that they do not get any progress reports until the actual pre-grades. Therefore we are introducing mini pre-grades which will take place every 5 – 6 weeks. At each pre-grade junior members may take a belt badge to show that they have achieved the required standard (75p per badge).

The first pre-grade will cover the basic techniques required (Kihon) and students must have at least 7 attendances to take this.  (Note that if a student does not pass their Kihon grade they can retake it at the second pre-grade).

The second pre-grade will cover Kata and students must have at least 15 attendances to take this.

The third pre-grade will be a full pre-grade the week before their actual grading. Students must have a minimum of 22 attendances to take this.


First pre-grade    Tuesday 3rd & Thursday 5th December 2013

Second pre-grade    Tuesday 14th & Thursday 16th January 2014

Third/Final pre-grade    Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th February 2014

By carrying out these pre-grades, students and parents will know if they are on track for the next grading and, if not, have had the feedback and time to improve in readiness for their grading.

Yours truly,

Ian Garside

Chief Instructor