News Letter

September 2017 newsletter

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the summer break. Sensei Warburton has some tough sessions planned to get us all ready for the upcoming grading and ICC. In addition there are plenty of courses and events going on in the area & we expect to see many of there!

10th Sept, Squad training with Liam
16th Sept KUGB B&B course, Barnsley
16th Sept Sensei Jack Somers is teaching at Lytham St Anne’s
18th Sept Sensei Jimmy Brennan is at Hutton (Purple belts and above)
24th Sept, Squad training with Liam
1st Oct, squad training with Liam
15th Oct InterClub Championships
21st Oct KUGB Northern Regional Championships.
22nd Oct KUGB B&B course-Burton
23rd Oct Sensei Sherry is at Hutton (purple belts and above)
28th Oct-Training session with Sensei Ryan Tucker at Malvern.
5th Nov – Guest instructor, Sensei Chris Cray.

There is lots going on but the main event is the InterClub Championships. All club members will be at this event. Anyone who is unable to compete, will be needed to help organise the event on the day and support your team mates.

If you need any information about any of these events please see myself, Sensei Warburton, Sensei Rick or Sensei Liam.

May 2017 newsletter

Hi all,
Quite a few things to tell you about since the last newsletter. Lots coming up in May and June!!
First off, as most of you now know, I recently passed my 1st Dan at the recent KUGB black and brown belt course in Rhyl with Sensei Sherry and Sensei Poynton. Thank you to Sensei Warburton and all the club senior instructors for all their help and support,but I also would like to say a huge thank you to every single RSKC member, I could not have done it without you. Also, thank you to those members who came to the training session in Rhyl, and supported me on the day. Those who took part in the training session found it a very challenging but enjoyable. Highly recommended for all of the 1st kyu’s who are working towards their Dan grade.
A few of us are going to the Woolpack for a quick drink after training tonight (9th) to celebrate Sandra achieving her 2nd Dan last year and me achieving my 1st Dan. Everyone is welcome to come along.

Sensei Rick Payne and Sensei Doyle attended a tough but rewarding Dan Grade course in Chesterfield on 23rd April. 

On Saturday 6th May, Myself, Liam and Joe represented the club at the KUGB Nationals Championships at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. Podium places my have evaded up, but the calibre of competitors was very high and in all our events we were knocked out by either National squad members or eventual medal winners. Liam had a particularly tough draw, meeting eventual kumite winner Ethan Armstrong in the 1st round, and a taking on former national, european and world kata champion Hisham Saif in his kata event!  Excellent day out and a great experience.
Wednesday 24th May
Hutton Karate Club are hosting a training session for purple belts and above with KUGB senior instructor, Sensei Jimmy Brennan 8th Dan. 7pm – 8.30pm.
Sunday 28th May
KUGB Black and Brown Belt course. This session is only down the road in Manchester. All Black and Brown Belts, in particular 1st Kyu’s should be attending theses FREE events. Please see KUGB website for details – Training times will be different depending on your grade.
Sunday 4th June
KUGB Northern Regional All Grades Course with Sensei J Brennan and Sensei J Bruce – Leeds. 11am -12.30pm, then 1pm-3pm. This course is £8
Sunday 18th June
Special Pre-Grade session with Sensei Ian Garside This is currently taking place during normal Sunday training times but we are looking to do a 2nd session 12-2pm depending on the availability of the school.
Wednesday 21st June
Hutton Karate Club are hosting a training session for purple belts and above with senior KUGB Instructor Sensei Gary Harford 8th Dan. 7pm – 8.30pm,
Thursday 22nd June
Grading with Sensei Andy Sherry!! This session will be at Haslingden Primary School 6.30pm until approximately 9pm. We ask that members arrive at the school for 6pm. If you are wanting to grade, please speak to Sensei Stephen Warburton. This session is not just for those grading-everyone is welcome to train with Andy Sherry 9th Dan.
Sunday 25th June
Bacup and Stacksteads Carnival. As in previous years, we will be taking part in the parade. We ask that  ALL club members show their support and are available in the morning for the parade. We will be putting together a demo on the main stage in the afternoon. Again we want as many people as possible to take part in the demo, from the youngest white belts, to the highest Dan grade! There will be something for everyone to do, and then afterwards you can enjoy the rides and candy floss!! We will be having a stall with strike pads for the public to have a go on, and a tombola to help raise money for the club. If anyone has any gifts that would be suitable for tombola prises can you please bring them in for Julie.
Competitions/Squad Training
Sunday 14th May – Squad training 12pm-2pm
Sunday 21st May – Squad training 12pm-2pm
Saturday 27th May – KUGB Liverpool Youth Championships.
Sunday 11th June – RSKC Club competition-this is for RSKC members only. If you have never competed before DO NOT WORRY 🙂 This is a very friendly event and is the perfect way to experience competition and there will be events for everyone. Can those members who won the clubs main trophies last year, please return them.
Saturday 17th June- Hombu Dojo Female Competition, Birmingham. Those of you who attended the ladies event last year will have met Aimee Jo and Danielle from Black County Shotokan Karate Club have extended an invitation to their ladies/girls event. This event is aimed at novices to competition so there will be no competitors who are on a national squad.
Saturday 1st July – KUGB National Youth Championships
Saturday 1st July – AMA All Styles Nationals (Day 1 of 2)
Sunday 2nd July – AMA All Styles Nationals (Day 2 of 2)
Saturday 15th July – Gateshead National Youth Championships-This event is hosted by Sonkei karate club who travel down to Rossendale to support our ICC. We want to return the favour by taking as many people as possible to Gateshead for this event. This is a perfect event for those who are fairly new to competing.
I have entry forms for these events and will be going round taking names for those wanting to compete. We are always looking to having new members competing.
Club jackets.
As you’ve all probably seen, the club now have their own jackets fabulously modelled by myself and Liam!! There are also matching T-Shits, hoodies and pants available. I’ll be at training taking a list of those who would like anything ordering. The first order will be sent off next Tues (16th) so please let me know ASAP.
The committee are looking to organise a club social event. Ideas such as paintballing, chinese buffet, movie night at one of our houses are been put forward. If you have any thoughts, please see Angela.
Thank you again for all your ongoing support.

March 2017 newsletter

Big big thank you for all your efforts leading up to the recent grading on Feb 23rd. Sensei Warburton was very impressed with everyone’s dedication and attitude. Congratulation to those who passed their grading, Sensei Andy Sherry was extremely happy with the standard of karate on display. Thank you to Sensei Warburton and the clubs senior instructors for their ongoing support, tuition and advice. The next club grading will be in June so keep training hard.
The club recently took members to compete at the North West Open which is hosted by Sensei Higgins’ Club Sei-Do-Kan.  Unfortunately on this occasion podium positions evaded us, but there were some very encouraging performances which bode very well for the future. In particular well done to Reefe Lawson and David Cooper for representing the club, both being fairly new to competition.
Thank you to those who put their name down for the Kyu Grade Championships on 19th March. We’ll keep you posted with results.
Also, thank you to those who attended the latest squad training session on Sunday 12th March. The next squad session with Liam is on Sunday 9th April, 12pm-2pm. All club members are more than welcome to attend this training session for £2. We are always looking to increase the numbers of people who attend squad training-everyone is welcome to attend so if you are interested, please see myself or Liam.
There is a KUGB Black and Brown belt course on Sunday 30th April in Wales and a few club members (3rd kyu and above) are hoping to go along to that. If you are wanting to attend, please ask around as it is likely you’ll be able to car share with someone.
Traditionally the club does not train on Easter Sunday, so there wont be any training on April 16th. We usually hold an Easter party around this time so keep listening out for details.
Finally, as you are aware we recently had to put our monthly training fees up to £30. Can we please ask that all club members check to make sure their standing orders are up to date as there are one or two who are still paying £25.
Thank you from myself, Sensei Warburton and all the RSKC Committee

February 2017 newsletter

Hi all,

2017 is well underway with RSKC members attending several events across the region beginning with Sensei Chris Cray at St Annes in January.
Sunday 22nd Jan saw the first KUGB All grades/Kumite development course of the year. This course was held in Leeds and was taught by Sensei Jimmy Brennan and Sensei John Bruce. The session looked at kumite combinations, and emphasised quick light footwork. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity to train with senior KUGB instructors, learn new techniques, attempt to perfect the techniques you already know and train with people you don’t usually get chance to train with. Well worth attending.



Anthony Watson visited Hutton SKC on Mon 30th Jan to train with guest instructor Sensei Garry Harford. This was a very technical session with something for all grades. The class focused on basics combinations and looked at kata Heian Yondan.


Sat 4th Feb was the first KUGB Black and Brown belt course of the year, held in Chesterfield with Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Frank Brennan. These sessions are free for black and brown belts and what better way to prepare for your next grading than to train with the person who is going to be grading you-KUGB Chief Instructor Andy Sherry 9th Dan. Please see the KUGB website for future Black and Brown Belt events.



Squad/Competition News

Squad training resumed on 15th Jan with Sensei Liam. Thank you to those who attended. The next couple of squad training sessions are 19th Feb, 5th March and 12th March.

This years first competition was the Liverpool Open on 29th Jan. Liam, Angela, Rick Will and Neave all attended and represented the club, with Neave coming away with 2nd place in her kata event. This was a fantastic achievement especially as she was the lowest graded competitor in her category coming 2nd place to a Dan grade, huge congratulations to her. Thank you to those who attended and represented the club, we want even more people competing in the next 2 events.


The next competition is the Northwest Open. This is on Saturday 4th march held in Leigh. This has always been well attended by the club, and there are events for everyone…white belts right through to Dan grades. Please find attached the events list for this competition.


Following this will be the KUGB Kyu Grade Championships held in Prestatyn on Sunday 19th March. This event is for Kyu grades only. There will be no black belts competing at this event!! It is a fantastic event, especially if you have never competed before. If anyone has any questions about squad training or competing, please see Liam.
Finally, and most important of all!! The next big event on the RKSC calendar is the Club Grading on Thursday 23rd Feb with Sensei Andy Sherry. Sensei Warburton has been busy preparing club kyu grades for their grading, and help a special pre-grade session on 29th Jan. Thank you to all those who attended. If you are grading this time, please get you money and licenses into Sensei Warburton ASAP. If you are not sure if you are grading or not, please speak to Sensei. All club members should be training with Sensei Andy Sherry, even if you are not grading this time!! 
RSKC Committee

Jan 2017 newsletter

Hello to all RSKC members and parents, Welcome to 2017!!

We hope you have had a fantastic festive break and are ready for a busy year ahead, the calendar is already looking pretty full. As well as squad training, competitions, Black and Brown belt courses and guest instructors, RSKC senior instructors are already preparing club members for February’s grading on the 23rd Feb with Sensei Andy Shrerry. Here are some more dates for your diary.

Competition Dates so far….
Competition can be daunting, but it is an excellent way of preparing for gradings, as well as being a test of your knowledge, skill and composure. If you or your child is interested in competing, please see Liam or Angela. Squad member will be expected to compete and build upon the sucesses of 2016, but we would like many more people to compete too.
29th Jan – Liverpool Open (This may replace squad training on 29th Jan, depending on numbers)
18th Feb – KUGB University/College Championships
4th March – North West Open
19th March –KUGB Kyu Grade Championships
6th May – KUGB National Championships
27th May – KUGB Liverpool Youth Championships
1st July – KUGB National Youth Championships
2nd Sept –KUGB Shotokan Cup
21st Oct – KUGB Northern Regional Championships

Squad Training Dates
Squad training will be resuming very soon, under the instruction of Sensei Liam Stone.
Anyone wanting to attend to train with the squad or be on the squad for 2017, please see Liam or Angela. It is £2 to train from 12pm-2pm after the main Sunday session on the
following dates…
15th & 29th January 19 February
5th & 12th March 9th & 30th April
14th & 21st May 11th June
9th & 23rd July August – None
10th & 24th September 1st October
5th & 12 November 3rd & 17th December

KUGB Courses and events
There are KUGB event held throughout the year. For a full list of events and details,please see the KUGB Website or the KUGB Facebook page. If anyone is interested in going, please ask around. It may be that other people are attending, allowing for car shares etc. There are a number of RSKC brown belts who should be attending the (FREE) KUGB black and brown belt courses this year!
22nd Jan – KUGB All Grades course – Leeds
4th Feb – Black & Brown course – Chesterfield
23rd April – KUGB Dan Grading Course – Chesterfield
30th April – KUGB B&B Course – Holywell
14th May – Referees and Judges Courses
28th May – B&B Course, Manchester
4th June – Northern Region Kumite Development Coures
23rd July – Northern Region Kata Masterclass
7th Aug – Karate Summer School (Mon-Fri)
16th Sept – B&B Course, Barnsley
1st Oct – Northern region Kumite Development Training
8th Oct – Referees and Judges Course
15th Oct – Norther Region Kata Masterclass
22nd Oct – B&B Course
19th Nov – B&B Course
2nd Dec – B&B Course

2017 training price changes

Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club
Dear Member, Parent/Guardian
I am writing to inform you of the decision taken by the committee to increase training fees for all members of the club.
Effective from January 1st 2017 training fees will be increased as follows:
The cost for members paying per individual class will be increased to £6
The monthly price for individual members will be increased from £25.00 to £30.00
Our preference is that monthly payment, ideally by standing order will be the preferred method of payment. This reduces cash handling and the amount of cash carried by the instructors.
The first 2 children in each family will pay £30 each, with subsequent children paying £15. Each family will have a cap of £75 per month per family.
The parent/child discount remains in place with a max of one adult training free per family.
Additional Special Course (Guest Instructors, Weapons, Stretching etc.) will be charged on an individual case by case basis.
The annual £6.00 membership fee will not be levied in 2017
This has not been an easy decision to make, and has been the subject of review and debate since the AGM earlier this year. We believe that the new pricing structure retains the club’s focus on “family friendly”/”parent and child” training whilst keeping us competitive with other martial arts training fees or other leisure activities.
The rationale for the decision to increase training fees is simple – the club has faced increasing costs over recent years whilst maintaining a pricing structure that has remained the same for at least the past ten years. With recent notification by Haslingden Primary School that charges for the hire of the Gym will increase in 2017, the committee has responded to the inevitable.

For individual members our advice is to maximise the economies of taking advantage of as many training sessions as possible – increasing your training from two to three times a week where possible will alleviate some of the sting of the increased monthly costs, and improve your karate considerably.
For the club the increase allows us to continue training with a secure contingency fund against sudden change in training venue or Chief Instructor (both of which have happened recently).

Competition Saturday 19th July

Malvern Karate club have invited our Kyu Grade members under 16 to their competition on Saturday 19th July. Entrance cost is £10 for competitors (this gives access to 3 events) and £3 for spectators (Spectators family ticket is £10 and under 2’s are free)

We encourage all eligible members to take part in this competition. This is an ideal competition for Kyu grade members as there will be no  black belts taking part and brown belts take part in their own kata events. There are two kata events and 1 kumite event (5 attack or 1 attack as appropriate for the grade) per competitor.

Malvern Karate Club, Dovecot MAC, Livepool, L14 9BA.

Elimination start at 11am.

30 years of Karate

Karate Club Alive and Kicking after 30 years


It was a weekend of celebration and memories for members past and present of Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club, who celebrated the clubs thirtieth anniversary this weekend.

The clubs committee organised a full programme of events to mark the occasion beginning with a birthday party dinner dance on the Friday evening at the Riverside, Whitworth for all members of the club and their special guests of honour.

Events were opened by welcoming comments from Club Chairman, Asif Alvi, who welcomed the Mayor, guests from the RSKC’s sister club in Bocholt, and guest of honour, Chief instructor of the clubs governing body, the Karate Union of Great Britain’s 9th Dan Black Belt Andy Sherry.

The evening was a chance to share memories as members of the clubs original “Tiger Squad” of competition fighters had been invited, along with current squad member’s friends and families.

The evening’s events included a demonstration of karate application and self defence by current club members, of all ages and grades, including the clubs Chief instructor sensei Ian Garside, 5th Dan.

In contrast to the relaxed atmosphere of the Clubs Birthday party evening, the weekend’s events gave club members an opportunity for some serious Karate training with a series of training courses at the clubs Dojo at Haslingden Primary School.

Sensei Sherry delivered the first of the weekend’s special training events, putting the club members and their guests from Germany through their paces with a session based on speed and accuracy.

The club then managed to squeeze in a special “fun and games” session for junior “Tiger Cubs” from the clubs Kindergarten classes before getting back down to business with more advanced training

Sensei Garside’s training session on Saturday afternoon was based on Kata applications and self-defence, which saw the club members defending against weapon attacks and bringing their opponents to ground. The session had been carefully planned to ensure that all members of the club regardless of age and grade could participate, and was very clearly enjoyed by all the members, especially the juniors!

A Saturday night out with the guests from Bocholt at the Cobblers Inn provided a brief respite before Sunday morning’s training. This session was delivered by Sensei Sepp Walke from the Bocholt club and was based on two handed stick fighting techniques from the Philippine martial art modern Arnis. This put all the members on the club, no matter their grade on an equal footing as this was a new experience for the majority of club members who thoroughly enjoyed the session – although with a few sore knuckles in evidence by the end of the training!

The weekend concluded with a gentle stroll up to the Peel monument followed by a Sunday lunch with the clubs guests from Bocholt.


30th anniversary

RSKC at the Nationals

Squad for Nationals 2014

(L-R Joseph Harwood, Liam Stone, Fatima Munir, James Harwood)

Members of Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club (RSKC) Competition Squad set off from their HQ at Haslingden Primary School in high spirits to compete at the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) British Championships at the NIA in Birmingham last Saturday 3rd May. This event attracted international fighters from England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales, and the squad made a highly credible showing in this, their first entry at the British Championships.Fatima Munir, 15 years old, performed extremely well in both the Kata and Kumite events, getting to the last 8 in Kata, losing to Scottish International, John Banks, in the quarter final.

Fatima also fought well, getting to the last 16 in the Girls’ Kumite where she had a great fight against experienced fighter Niamh Duddridge from Ashington. Fatima took the lead early on in the bout with hard fast punching combinations. The girls had several clashes with fast punching and kicking combinations, which the judges gave as simultaneous scoring. In the last minute of the fight Niamh clinched an equaliser. So it was game on, with both girls showing great courage and ferocity in their clashes. With less than 5 seconds left both fighters again clashed with a blur of punches. The judges decided that both girls had scored but that Niamh’s first punch had landed a split second before Fatima’s. This was by far Niamh’s hardest fight of the day as she won the quarter final, semi-final and the final easily to become the British Champion.

Team mates James (aged 15) and Joseph Harwood (aged 10) and Liam Stone (aged 15) were also on good form.

Liam fought well, beating one of the England squad members to reach the last 16. His last fight was a tale of two halves. The first half of the match Liam dominated the fight, taking an early lead. Being a little over-confident, Liam pressed home his attacks to try to clinch the match, only to give his opponent the chance to equalise. In the last 30 seconds Liam’s inexperience got the better of him as again he chased the winning point leaving his defences open, giving his canny Irish opponent the one chance he needed to steal the match.

James Harwood was unfortunate on the day, losing his fight to a very experienced fighter who scored with a superb extremely fast round-house kick to James’s head to gain Ippon (winning point) in the first few seconds of the match, so it was early bath for James.

Young Joseph Harwood showed great promise for the future, taking on bigger opponents in the 10-11 year old Boys’ Kumite. Like his bigger team mates, he showed lots of spirit in his fights, sometimes a little too much, which earned him a warning for control in his last fight in which he was dominating his opponent. This caused Joseph to hold back, which then allowed his taller opponent to use his reach advantage to pinch the match. In Kata, again Joseph gave a good performance, finally losing to the eventual 3rd placed Erin Davis from Wales.

The Team members are now eager to enter the National Youth Championships in July. For further information visit the website or connect via Facebook

LSM Cert 2014

Photo (L-R Sensei Jeff Jones, Sensei Ian Garside, Sensei Asif Alvi)

At the recent KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) British National Championships at the NIA in Birmingham it was a very special day for three of Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club’s (RSKC) Instructors as Senseis Jeff Jones, Asif Alvi (Club Chairman) and the Club’s Chief Instructor, Ian Garside, were awarded their long service certificates for service to the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) and to karate in Great Britain, by the world renowned Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan, Chief Instructor to the KUGB.

Competitors and spectators alike cheered and loudly applauded them as Senseis Jeff Jones and Asif Alvi received their certificates for 20 years’ service, and Sensei Ian Garside, 5th Dan, was awarded his certificate for 40 years long service. Together, the three senseis have over 80 years of great karate expertise at RSKC (


Triple Whammy for RSKC


Front L-R, Liam Stone, Fatima Munir, Django Back. Rear Sensei Ian Garside 5th Dan

Fatima Munir, Django Back and Liam Stone made it a triple whammy for Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club, who are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year. Fatima and Django became the latest 1st Dan Black Belts and Liam passed his 2nd Dan. Years of effort and dedication in preparation for their black belt grading were rewarded when they all took their grading at the Black Belt course held at Holywell on the 29th March.

The Grading followed a two hour training session in the morning with two of the UK’s top karate instructors, Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan and Sensei Billy Higgins, 8th Dan of the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain).

The training session involved basic techniques, free fighting and kata (form). Their hard work concluded with their First Dan and Second Dan grading, under the uncompromising eyes of Sensei Andy Sherry, the KUGB’s 9th Dan chief instructor.

RSKC’s Chief Instructor Sensei Ian Garside, 5th Dan, was watching on the day and had nothing but praise for his students:

Everyone performed extremely well, and stood out amongst their peers. I was confident prior to the actual grading as all of them had performed extremely well when they passed the pre-grade I set for them prior to the grading. I was particularly pleased with their fighting as they all showed excellent spirit, even when fighting above their weight, as was the case with young Fatima. Liam had a little revenge, as his fight for his Second Dan grading was a re-match of the final of the North West Open where he came runner up in the Boys’ Kumite. This time there was no doubt as to who was the winner, as Liam out-fought his opponent to clinch his 2nd Dan. They all truly earned their Black belts with all of the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout their training.”

Having achieved their Dan grades, all three have started on their training for the National Championships which take place at the NIA in Birmingham on the 3rd May, when Sensei Garside will also be awarded a 40 years long service membership award from the KUGB.

Anyone wishing to take up karate can go along to any of the sessions in Bacup or Haslingden – contact Sensei Ian Garside on 01706 878795 for details or go to .