2017 training price changes

Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club
Dear Member, Parent/Guardian
I am writing to inform you of the decision taken by the committee to increase training fees for all members of the club.
Effective from January 1st 2017 training fees will be increased as follows:
The cost for members paying per individual class will be increased to £6
The monthly price for individual members will be increased from £25.00 to £30.00
Our preference is that monthly payment, ideally by standing order will be the preferred method of payment. This reduces cash handling and the amount of cash carried by the instructors.
The first 2 children in each family will pay £30 each, with subsequent children paying £15. Each family will have a cap of £75 per month per family.
The parent/child discount remains in place with a max of one adult training free per family.
Additional Special Course (Guest Instructors, Weapons, Stretching etc.) will be charged on an individual case by case basis.
The annual £6.00 membership fee will not be levied in 2017
This has not been an easy decision to make, and has been the subject of review and debate since the AGM earlier this year. We believe that the new pricing structure retains the club’s focus on “family friendly”/”parent and child” training whilst keeping us competitive with other martial arts training fees or other leisure activities.
The rationale for the decision to increase training fees is simple – the club has faced increasing costs over recent years whilst maintaining a pricing structure that has remained the same for at least the past ten years. With recent notification by Haslingden Primary School that charges for the hire of the Gym will increase in 2017, the committee has responded to the inevitable.

For individual members our advice is to maximise the economies of taking advantage of as many training sessions as possible – increasing your training from two to three times a week where possible will alleviate some of the sting of the increased monthly costs, and improve your karate considerably.
For the club the increase allows us to continue training with a secure contingency fund against sudden change in training venue or Chief Instructor (both of which have happened recently).

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