AGM 2016 chairmans report


Chairman’s Report AGM 19th July 2016

At this time last year the Chairman reported that 2014/ 2015 had been a good year and things were starting to move in the right direction. I would like to report that the club has
continued on the correct path. It was identified that we needed to continue and focus on:-
a) Publicity
b) Fund raising
c) Encouraging Members to train more often
d) Encourage Members to enter competitions
e) Develop a Demonstration team
f) Encourage members to take gradings

There has been a continued push on publicity, mainly through Facebook and twitter.
In the past, reports on various activities were sent to Rossendale Free Press to publicise successes at competitions, club gradings, and black belt achievements etc. We need to resurrect this and do more and look for other opportunities to be visible in the local papers – eg, raise money for charity etc.
At the last year’s AGM we were not able to fill the position of publicity officer. If anyone is able to step forward for this position I’m sure they will get help from other committee members.
Recently we did a demo at the Bacup and Stackstead Carnival. In addition to that we were invited to do a demo at the Laurels nursing home where we had arranged to hold our post carnival BBQ party. Unfortunately due to delays at the carnival and rain the demo didn’t take place.
We have in the past done demos at the local schools at their open days and summer fayres. We need to re-establish contact with the local schools and offer karate demos.
Club Mark Accreditation – Unfortunately we still cannot gain the accreditation as Karate is still not recognised by Sport England.

Fund raising
Fund raising has mainly been carried out by Julie with assistance from other members and they spend a considerable amount of time to organise and attend any available events. They can always do with help at such events. Helpers don’t necessarily have to be committee members so if anyone is able to help please don’t be shy to volunteer!
Our main fund raising event is usually the Christmas draw

Social events
Events usually included:
Halloween party, trip to the Panto, Christmas party for the senior members, a trip to laser quest in Rochdale for the juniors – but this year did not happen.
In June this year a BBQ was organised and took place after the carnival. Although it was raining all those who attended enjoyed themselves.

Karate events
Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club held their annual Club Championships in June, where club members were pushed to their best, and the standard was high from all the participants.
For many this was their first taste of competition and to their credit all performed extremely well. All in all it was a good day for all the competitors and spectators alike, so congratulations to all those who took part.This was also the first outing for our newly purchased floor matting.
Last year we assembled a squad for external competitions and introduced regular squad training sessions on Sundays. This has carried on this year. Equipment was purchased especially for use during the squad training.
This regular squad training has resulted in our members winning medals on a regular basis. Quite a number of competitions have been entered by the squad members with fair amount of success.
In October last year we held our fourth Inter Club Championships and it was even better than the previous years.
It has now become a successful annual event for all the clubs to look forward to. It’s successful because of the commitment and hard work from the committee and all of YOU, our members. We now have a number of senior KUGB judges who like to attend
our championships.
This year’s inter club championships will be held on Sunday 16th October at the Haslingden Sports Centre and its forecast to be even bigger and better. So please keep this date clear – help your club make this an even more successful.
This year we plan to have 4 areas two of which will be matted areas for kumite. In order to run the competition successfully on the day we require volunteers on each of the areas for keeping score etc. Please let us know after the meeting if you will be able to help. We will of course arrange training sessions before the event, if so required.uccessful because of the commitment and hard work from the committee and all of YOU, our members. We now have a number of senior KUGB judges who like to attend
our championships.

Tony Harwood became our latest member to achieve 1st Dan Black Belt.
We currently have a number of 2nd and 1st Kyu brown belts whose names will hopefully be joining the list of RSKC’s growing number of black belts.
We have held 3 successful gradings since the AGM last year, and each time the standard has improved.
The membership numbers have stayed up and numbers at the kindergarten have been steady.
Although the club has been going in the right direction in the recent years we mustn’t get complacent. We must continue to improve and develop further. This is a members club
and as such we need the help from all the members and parents to participate in promoting the club, and also in identifying ways in which we can improve and help find innovative ways of getting better.

Rossendale Karate club’s, Tiger Cubs Kindergarten sessions for 4 to 6 year olds on Tuesday evening at Haslingden Sports Centre has been very successful and is getting stronger every year. Similar arrangements have now started on Thursdays at the AB&D centre in Bacup.

This year has been another good year and things are still moving in the right direction.
We have achieved most of the goals we set ourselves and had a number of successes.
However we cannot afford to relax and we need to build on the successes we have achieved and set new goals.
We must still focus on:-
A. Getting More publicity
B. We need to do more fund raising, as in the present economic climate we cannot rely on getting any grants
C. Whilst we have a lot of members on our books not all of them are training regularly so we need to encourage them to train more often
D. We have had some success in competitions and we need to build on this by encouraging more Members to take part.
E. Also we should encourage more members to take gradings

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