Letter to members

9 November 2013

Dear Members & Parents

Grading Date

Firstly, the next grading will held on Thursday 27th February 2014.

As some of you will be aware, the KUGB rules for anyone taking a grading are that to qualify members must have trained on average twice per week in a 3 month period or a minimum of 24 training sessions.

Grading Criteria

At RSKC we hold gradings every 17 weeks because we allow for holidays etc., therefore we have the following criteria:-

  1. Anyone wishing to grade up to and including 3rd Kyu must have trained at least 24 sessions in any 17 week period between gradings or at least 34 sessions in any 34 week period.

  2. Anyone wishing to grade between 3rd Kyu and including 1st Kyu must have trained at least 24 sessions, 12 of which must be Brown and Black Belt sessions, in any 17 week period between gradings, or at least 34 sessions, 24 of which must be Brown And Black Belt sessions, in any 34 week period.

  3. Anyone wishing to take a Dan grade must have trained at least 40 sessions, 20 of which must be Brown and Black Belt sessions in the 6 month (26 weeks) period prior to grading.

Note:- All karate courses, e.g. KUGB Brown And Black Belt courses attended and competitions entered will count towards your grading requirements.

To assist members and parents to keep track of attendances we have created a membership card which will be issued to every member, on which they must get each attendance initialled by the instructor.


Also we have taken note of concerns raised by a number of parents that they do not get any progress reports until the actual pre-grades. Therefore we are introducing mini pre-grades which will take place every 5 – 6 weeks. At each pre-grade junior members may take a belt badge to show that they have achieved the required standard (75p per badge).

The first pre-grade will cover the basic techniques required (Kihon) and students must have at least 7 attendances to take this.  (Note that if a student does not pass their Kihon grade they can retake it at the second pre-grade).

The second pre-grade will cover Kata and students must have at least 15 attendances to take this.

The third pre-grade will be a full pre-grade the week before their actual grading. Students must have a minimum of 22 attendances to take this.


First pre-grade    Tuesday 3rd & Thursday 5th December 2013

Second pre-grade    Tuesday 14th & Thursday 16th January 2014

Third/Final pre-grade    Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th February 2014

By carrying out these pre-grades, students and parents will know if they are on track for the next grading and, if not, have had the feedback and time to improve in readiness for their grading.

Yours truly,

Ian Garside

Chief Instructor

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