What is Shotokan Tiger Cub Karate ?

What is Shotokan Tiger Cub Karate ?

The Shotokan Tiger Cub class is a special class that allows younger children to experience the art of KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) Karate in a safer and less disciplined environment than the senior classes. These classes will be an extension of the current instruction already available, and while starting children at an early age, it is hoped to take them from beginner to Black Belt, with tuition specifically to suit the younger child.

The ‘Tiger Cub’ name evolved as a direct result of the influence of the late world-renowned karate master, Sensei K Enoeda, 9th Dan KUGB JKA (Japanese Karate Association), who was nicknamed ‘The Shotokan Tiger’ for his strength, speed, power and fearlessness.

What can I expect my child to learn in this programme?

“Tiger Cubs Karate” is a programme of pre-Karate classes designed specifically for 4 to 6 year olds. Our classes provide a fun and nurturing atmosphere in which we work to develop the children’s capacity in several areas that are important foundations for the child’s individual growth and development. These areas are: developing self-control, balance, co-ordination, flexibility, strength, memory and team work skills (ability to interact with other children in a group setting).

The classes are a mix of traditional Karate techniques, games and activities designed to introduce and reinforce these skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Class duration is one hour and the class meets once a week.

At the end of every term there will be a fun grading where the children will be awarded a merit badge and certificate. The grading will also be a chance for the parents to come and see their children do Karate, and the children always enjoy showing their Karate to an audience and being rewarded for all the effort that they have put into their Karate.

Once the child is confident enough and has completed our “Tiger Cubs Karate” programme they can move on to our main class held on Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings at All Saints High School, Haslingden and they will have an opportunity to sit the examination for Orange Belt.

Class Structure

Before class begins the instructor will informally chat with the children as a group, inquiring about their day, in order to work on their verbalisation skills and to make them comfortable with the environment. The children then “line up” in response to the “formation” command. We proceed with basic warm-up exercises with stretching, sit-ups and push-ups. Here the children are exposed to “exercise” as a way of life at an early age – a habit that will hopefully stay with them throughout their lifetime.

Self-Control & Discipline

The teachers facilitate the development of self-control in children by using positive guidance techniques such as modelling and encouraging expected behaviour, redirecting children to a more acceptable activity and setting clear limits. Teacher’s expectations match and respect children’s developing capabilities. In the “Tiger Cubs Karate” programme, we focus on discipline while the children are having fun. The children are introduced to “rules” to follow such as where to put their shoes before entering the mat, where to sit before class starts, how to line up on command in a “ready stance”, bowing to the instructor and each other. These behaviours become part of the routine of the class that we reinforce each time. We know that it can take time for children to become accustomed to these new “rules” and we have many fun ways of reinforcing these skills.

Quiet Time

During class we randomly insert quiet time, a period where the children have to be perfectly still and quiet for 20 seconds. At first this is a new and “silly” game. Not long into the programme, however, the children actually freeze where they are and patiently wait for the 20-second count! And they are proud of this newly developed self-discipline!

Balance & Co-ordination, Flexibility & Strength

Children have opportunities to use large muscles, including running, jumping and balancing. The class programme is centred around Karate which is widely recognised as an excellent way to instil and develop coordination, strength, discipline and self-confidence in children. Most exercises are set into a game format so the child has fun while learning.


In this segment the child will be required to associate different skills or techniques with a specific object or symbols. We utilise flash cards and different sounds as memory tools.


For the introductory course, a Tiger Cub T-shirt can be purchased for £5. On moving up to the main class a Karate suit would be needed.

Class Venue and Times

Haslingden Sports Centre

Helmshore Road, Haslingden Rossendale, Lancashire BB4 4DN
Tel 01706 227016

Tuesday afternoons 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm

The RSKC “Tiger Cubs Karate Programme” – Helping build tomorrow’s leaders today – in a fun and nurturing environment!

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