Laurence Vidler Testimonial

Hello, I am Laurence Vidler and I am five years old. I started Kindergarten Karate when I was nearly four years old and I caught the karate bug straight away. First of all I learnt how to make a fist ready for punching. After that, I passed my first badges – sitting quietly for thirty seconds and standing still, which is harder than it sounds! We also got badges for awesome effort and exceptional attendance. I made great new friends, played fun games and even learnt how to skip with a skipping rope. When I had all thirteen badges (like downwards block, sidekick and Shuto) I was presented with my Gi and joined my daddy and brother in the big class. I have done five sessions now in the big class and I love it! It is more serious than Kindergarten Karate I am tired at the end, but I am working hard to get better with my moves and looking forward to taking my orange belt in the near future.

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