Sadaf Alvi testimonial

I started karate at Rossendale Shotokan Karate Club about 4 years ago and found myself loving it from the very beginning. My dad had done karate for as long as I could remember so I sort of grew up with an interest in it.  I had previously tried a different style of karate at another club but found that I did not enjoy it. From the first day at RSKC the friendly atmosphere of the club was instantly obvious to me and I felt very welcome.  The varied lessons at the club meant I never got bored and was able to learn and practice diverse skills. Karate is a fun way to get fit and healthy.

As you progress through the belts you feel more and more that you’re a part of the club. The birthday parties at the end of each month and the annual Christmas parties make you feel that RSKC is more than just a sports club.  The club also holds regular special classes such as Bo and Bunkai classes. These are extremely enjoyable and allow you to practice your skills against weapons, such as knives and bats.

I am now a Black belt and regularly take part in competitions. I hope tocontinue working through the Dan grades and developing my skills further.

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