Testimonial by Jon Blackbourn

I first started karate about 15 years ago at a club in Manchester whose chief instructor was sensei Gidley. I reached green belt and it gave me an excellent grounding in the basics of karate.  After a long break I returned to karate a few years ago and trained with a JKA club where I worked my way back up through the ranks until finally reaching my current grade of 3rd kyu (brown belt).  Whilst I received excellent tuition in kihon and kata I was looking for a club that could give me more experience of kumite.  This was when I tried RSKC and I have never looked back since.  The basic kihon drills have much more varied and interesting combinations to keep the mind and body challenged.  They are often practised against a partner to help to understand their efficacy.  The knowledgeable instructors explain the applications of the moves in each kata.  When practising kumite no-one is out to “prove a point” and there is an emphasis on helping each other to develop.  Even during free-style sparring instruction is given so that you are not simply repeating the same mistakes.  We also practise some interesting scenarios that you could be faced with “on the street” which helps you realise how the martial art can be applied to a real life situation.  All in all I’m delighted with the top quality tuition that we get in a club that is supportive and encouraging, whilst maintaining the highest standards of karate

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